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Founded in the year 2000, Gallery McSorley presents a range of affordable contemporary art.  Our aim is to offer art buyers and collectors a showcase of art selected from the oeuvre of international artists we represent. We focus on your specific interests in paintings, sculpture, glass art, and graphics. We offer arrangements for artist commissions according to your personal preferences. Via our 24-hour website you are able to order directly. We ship to your door carefully packed artworks and with certificates of authenticity and artist catalogs.


At Gallery McSorley, we focus in on your specific interests of paintings, sculpture, glass art and graphics.  To know and appreciate our artists you are invited to visit our gallery for a personal gallery tour to view their works. You can browse and acquire art on our secure Web Shop pages 24 hours. On the web shop much of our available art assortment can be viewed and acquired.  We arrange the shipping including customs forms for around the world.

Gallery Mcsorley


Gallery Mcsorley

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